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Sculptures, approx. 55 cm, stainless steel base

Sculpture, 170 cm, lava basalt base

Sculpture, 170 cm and 210 cm, lava basalt base

Sculpture, 170 cm and 210 cm, lava basalt base

Sculptures in wire and wax, 58 cm, stainless steel base

Sculpture in wood (ash), 188 cm

Sculpture in wire, clay, wax, 33 cm, bronze base

Sculptures by Anja Schubert are abstract bodies reduced to their essence. Their slim, fluid forms seem to encapsulate motion and thus interact with the more static lines of the surrounding architecture – with the stunning effect altered by light exposure and positioning. Placing multiple sculptures side by side creates a wealth of intricate connections. Individual or family portraits can be realised on request.

Each object is a unique creation, hand-crafted based on experimental line drawings. The artist layers fine-grained plaster around a metal skeleton, then sands the cast blank by hand. This brings out smooth contours that guide the eye and invite to be touched. A highly resistant glaze of white silicate seals off the surface. The sculptures are mounted on swivelling bases made of stainless steel or lava basalt.
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